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Aug 20 Philo Farnsworth Patents a Television Philo T. Farnsworth Television History of Technology Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Aug 21 Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon British Monarchy
Aug 26 Partido Kommunista Ng Pilipinas (PKP) Founded by Evangelista Cristo in Manila Republic of the Philippines
Aug 29 Marx Brothers' Animal Crackers Opens in New York City The Marx Brothers Film and Filmmakers
Sept 11 Katherine Anne Porter Publishes Flowering Judas Katherine Anne Porter
Sept 17 Thomas P. Stafford Thomas P. Stafford Astronauts
Sept 17 Construction Begins on the Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Architecture & Design
Sept 18 Charles Lindbergh Leaves on 10,000 mi. Tour of South America Charles Lindbergh Aviation
Sept 23 Ray Charles Georgia Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 23 Johann Ostermeyer Patents First Modern Photographic Safety Flash Bulb German Inventors Trademarks & Patents Photography
Sept 25 Francis du Plessix-Gray French Authors
Sept 25 bell hooks bell hooks Famous African Americans
Oct 08 Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold American Artists Famous African Americans
Oct 10 Harold Pinter Harold Pinter Plays
Oct 14 Mobutu Sese Seko (Joseph Desire Mobutu): President of Zaire Zaire
Oct 15 Herbert Henry Dow (founder, Dow Chemical) Canadian Chemistry" Business
Oct 16 Dan Pagis Romanian Authors & Illustrators Poetry
Oct 17 Jimmy Breslin New York Authors & Illustrators Journalism
Oct 18 Esther Hautzig Polish Authors & Illustrators Judaism
Nancy Winslow Parker New Jersey Authors & Illustrators New Jersey Artists
Oct 25 Harold Brodkey Harold Brodkey
Aug 19 Willie Shoemaker (jockey) Willie Shoemaker Horse Racing
Aug 20 Don King (boxing promoter) Don King Boxing Famous African Americans
Sept 12 Kristin Hunter-Lattany Kristin Hunter-Lattany Famous African Americans
Sept 12 George Jones George Jones Country & Western Musicians
Sept 17 Anne Bancroft Anne Bancroft Film
Sept 17 RCA Demonstrates First LP Record Phonograph & Sound Recordings Inventors & Inventions Historic Firsts
Sept 25 Barbara Walters Barbara Walters Journalism Television
Oct 02 Two Flyers Leave Japan for First Non-stop Pacific Flight Aviation Historic Firsts
Oct 03 Dick Tracy First Appears in The New York News Comics & Cartoons Journalism
Oct 07 Desmond Tutu Desmond Tutu Catholicism Human Rights 1984 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Oct 07 Eastman Kodak Takes the First Short-Exposure Infrared Photograph Photography Historic Firsts
Oct 16 Charles Colson (staff, Nixon White House) Massachusetts Richard Nixon The Watergate Affair
Oct 17 Al Capone Jailed for Tax Evasion Al Capone Taxes Notorious Americans
Oct 18 Thomas Edison Thomas Edison Inventors & Inventions History of Technology
Oct 24 Al Capone Convicted for Tax Evasion Al Capone Taxes
George Washington Bridge Opens between NYC & New Jersey George Washington Bridge Bridges
Aug 19 Barbara Wersba (young adult author) Young-adult Authors
Aug 21 Melvin Van Peebles Melvin Van Peebles Famous African Americans Actors Film
Aug 22 The BBC Airs Its First Experimental Television Broadcast Great Britain Television
Sept 17 Malcom Campbell Sets Land Speed Record: 276.27 mph Auto Racing
Sept 19 Mike Royko Chicago Journalism
Sept 25 Shel (Shelby) Silverstein Shel (Shelby) Silverstein Cartoons & Comics
Sept 25 Glenn Gould Glenn Gould Classical Musicans
Oct 02 Maury Wills Baseball
Oct 03 Iraq Admitted to the League of Nations Iraq The League of Nations
Oct 11 Dottie West Tennessee Performing Artists Country & Western Musicians
Oct 17 Lee Lorenz New Jersey Authors & Illustrators American Artists
Aug 19 Debra Paget (actor) Debra Paget Film
Aug 20 Sue Alexander (children's author) Sue Alexander Children's Literature Primary Authors
Aug 20 George Mitchell (statesman) George Mitchell U.S. Congress
Sept 16 Paul Robeson First African American to Star in Major Film: The Emperor Jones Paul Robeson Eugene O'Neill Film African American History
Sept 25 Ring Lardner, Sr. Ring Lardner, Sr. American Writers
Paul Ehrenfest Paul Ehrenfest Atomic Theory
Sept 27 Paul Goble British Authors British Artists
Sept 30 WLS Chicago First Airs the National Barn Dance Chicago Radio
Oct 01 Conway Twitty American Performing Artists Country & Western Musicians
Oct 01 Babe Ruth Makes Final Pitching Appearance (complete game win for Yankees) Babe Ruth Baseball
Oct 04 Esquire Is First Published Journalism
Oct 10 Western Hemisphere Nations Sign Non-aggression Treaty World History
Oct 14 Nazi Germany Announces It Is Withdrawing from the League of Nations Germany The League of Nations
Oct 17 Albert Einstein Immigrates to the United States Albert Einstein Judaism Immigration
News-Week (Newsweek) First Published Journalism
Oct 18 Forrest Gregg Football
Oct 23 Phyllis J. Perry Phyllis J. Perry Science Insects
Oct 29 Valerie Worth Bahlke Pennsylvania Authors Poetry
Aug 19 Plebiscite Approves Adolf Hitler's Sole Executive Power as Fuhrer. Adolph Hitler
Aug 22 Norman H. Schwarzkopf Norman H. Schwarzkopf Gulf War
Aug 27 Ann Rinaldi Ann Rinaldi
Aug 30 Helen Craig Helen Craig Artists
Sept 06 Don Bolognese American Artists
Sept 10 Roger Maris Roger Maris Baseball
Sept 17 Maureen Connolly Maureen Connolly Tennis
Sept 18 Soviet Union Admitted to League of Nations Russia League of Nations
Sept 19 Bruno Hauptmann Arrested for Lindbergh Kidnapping Charles Lindbergh Crime
Sept 20 Sophia Loren Sophia Loren Film
Sept 26 Winnie Mandela South Africa
Sept 30 Babe Ruth Plays His Last Professional Baseball Game with the New York Yankees Babe Ruth Baseball
Dizzy Dean Wins His 30th Game Baseball
Oct 04 Sam Huff West Virginia Sports Figures Football
Oct 07 Amiri Baraka Amiri Baraka Plays Famous African Americans
Oct 08 Bruno Hauptmann Indicted for Murder of Charles A. Lindbergh's Infant Son Charles A. Lindbergh Crime Law & Legal Resources
Oct 17 Alan Garner Alan Garner
Oct 22 FBI Gun Down "Pretty Boy" Floyd in Ohio Cornfield Ohio Charles FBI Notorious Americans
Oct 24 Mohandas Gandhi Resigns from India's Congress India Mohandas Gandhi
Aug 19 Bobby Richardson (baseball player) Bobby Richardson Baseball
Aug 21 Benny Goodman's L.A. Concert Kicks Off Music's Swing Era Benny Goodman Jazz Popular Musicians Los Angeles
Aug 22 E(dna) Annie Proulx E(dna) Annie Proulx
Aug 23 Norbert Blei Norbert Blei
Aug 26 Geraldine Ferraro Geraldine Ferraro Politics & Elections Women The American Presidency
Aug 29 George Gershwin Completes Composition of Porgy and Bess George Gershwin Composers Music
Aug 30 Ruth Craft Children's Literature
Aug 30 FDR's Wealth Tax Act Passed into Law Franklin D. Roosevelt Law & Legal Resources Taxes American History
Sept 05 Ward Just Ward Just
Sept 10 Mary Oliver Mary Oliver Poetry
Sept 10 Huey Long Huey Long
Sept 12 Richard Hunt Richard Hunt Famous African Americans
Sept 17 Ken Kesey Ken Kesey
Robert B. Parker Robert B. Parker
Sept 27 Joyce Johnson Joyce Johnson Jack Kerouac
Sept 27 Judy Garland Signs Contract with MGM Judy Garland Film
Sept 30 Johnny Mathis Johnny Mathis Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Oct 01 Julie Andrews Julie Andrews Actors The Sound of Music
Oct 03 Italy Invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Italy Ethiopia War World History
Oct 07 Thomas Keneally Thomas Keneally
Oct 10 Porgy and Bess Premieres on Broadway New York City <IPorgy and Bess">
Oct 23 Chi Chi Rodriguez Puerto Rican Sports Figures Golf
Oct 24 Langston Hughes' Mulatto Opens on Broadway Langston Hughes Plays African-American History
Aug 19 Al Oerter (discus thrower) Al Oerter Track and Field The Olympics
Aug 19 Franco's Troops Assassinate Spanish Poet/Playwright Federcio Garcia Lorca Federcio Garcia Lorca Spanish Civil War Authors
Aug 21 Wilt Chamberlain Wilt Chamberlain Basketball Famous African Americans
Aug 30 Donald Duck First Appears in a Comic Strip Cartoons & Comics
Sept 06 Beryl Markham Becomes First to Fly the Atlantic East to West Beryl Markham Aviation Women Historic Firsts
Sept 11 Boulder (Hoover) Dam is Dedicated Hoover Dam
Sept 19 Al Oerter Track and Field The Olympic Games
Oct 01 General Francisco Franco Is Proclaimed Head of Spain Spain
Oct 03 John Heisman (football coach) Football
Aug 21 Robert Stone Robert Stone
Aug 28 Allen Say Allen Say Artists
Sept 17 Orlando Cepeda Orlando Cepeda Baseball Famous Latin Americans
Sept 25 Adolph Hitler & Benito Mussolini Meet in Munich Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini European History
Oct 02 Johnny Cochran Law and Legal Resources Famous African Americans
Oct 02 Ronald Reagan Makes His Film Debut Ronald Reagan Film
Oct 10 Bruce Devlin Golf
Aug 19 Vicki Cobb (children's science author) Vicki Cobb Children's Literature Science
Aug 19 Diana Muldaur (actor) Muldaur Diana Film Television
Aug 21 Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers Country Musicians
Aug 27 George Eyston, New Land Speed Record (345.49 mph), UT Bonneville Salt Flats Utah Automobiles
Aug 30 Donald Crews Donald Crews Artists
Sept 03 Ryoji Noyori Ryoji Noyori 2001 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Sept 20 Patent Granted for Nylon Polymers Trademark
Sept 30 Munich Pact Is Signed Ceding Sudetenland to Germany Germany Great Britain Czech Republic Slovakia European History World War II
Oct 01 German Troops Move Into the Sudetenland Germany Czech Republic Slovakia World War II European History
Oct 03 Eddie Cochran Popular Musicians
Oct 16 Aaron Copland's Billy the Kid Opera Opens in Chicago Aaron Copland Opera
Oct 22 Chester Carlton Makes the First Xerox Copy Inventors & Inventions Business History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 24 Fair Labor Standards Act Creates Minimum Wage & 40-hr Week U.S. Government Labor Business & Economics U.S. History
Aug 19 Ginger Baker (rock musican) Ginger Baker Rock Musicians
Aug 22 Carl Yastrzemski Carl Yastrzemski Baseball
Aug 23 Germany and Russia Sign Non-aggression Pact Germany Russia World War II
Aug 26 WXBS Broadcasts First Televised Baseball Game (Reds & Giants) Television Baseball New York U.S. History Historic Firsts
Aug 27 William Least Heat-Moon (William Trogdon) William Least Heat-Moon
Sept 03 Great Britain and France Declare War on Germany Great Britain France Germany World War II
Sept 05 U.S. Proclaims Neutrality in World War II World War II U.S. History
Sept 10 Canada Declares War on Germany Canada Germany World War II
Sept 17 Soviet Union Invades Poland Russia Poland World War II World History
Sept 18 German U-boat Sinks British Carrier Courageous World War II Naval History
Sept 23 Sigmund Freud Sgimund Freud
Sept 26 Donna Douglas Louisiana Performing Artists Television
Sept 27 Kathy Whitworth Kathy Whitworth Golf Women
Sept 27 Warsaw, Poland, Is Surrendered the Nazis after Weeks of Resistance Poland Germany World War II
Sept 30 Jean-Marie Lehn Jean-Marie Lehn Chemistry 1987 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Oct 01 Lilly Tomlin Lily Tomlin Stage and Theater Film Television
Oct 07 Harold W. Kroto Harold W. Kroto Organic Chemistry 1996 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Oct 11 Einstein Urges Rapid Development of U.S. Atomic Program Albert Einstein Nuclear Weapons
NAACP Organizes the Legal Defense and Education Fund NAACP Law & Legal Resources Education
American Federation of Labor (AFL) Opposes U.S. Entry into WWII Labor Unions World War II
Coleman Hawkins Records "Body and Soul" Coleman Hawkins Jazz & Blues
Oct 14 Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren American Artists & Designers
Oct 15 New York Municipal Airport (later renamed La Guardia Airport) Is Dedicated. New York City Aviation
Oct 16 Karen Gundersheimer Massachusetts Authors & Illustrators American Artists
Oct 16 Man Who Came to Dinner Opens on Broadway New York City Stage & Theater
Oct 18 Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Oct 18 Mike Ditka Football
Oct 21 Meredith Hooper Australian Authors
Oct 22 First Televised Professional Football Game: Brooklyn 23, Phil. 14 Football Television Historic Firsts
Oct 24 Nylon Stockings First Sold in Wilmington, Delaware Delaware Polymers & Plastics Historic Firsts
Oct 25 Fred Marcellino American Artists
Oct 25 William Saroyan's The Time of Your Life Opens in New York Stage & Theater
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