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Pleasant View Elementary School

Student Resource Guide

The Middle Ages

Camelot Village


6th graders at Pleasant View will end the Middle Ages unit with a culminating research activity and Middle Ages re-enactment. Research will be chosen in one of the following fives fields, and students will demonstrate their expertise in their chosen field by writing an essay describing how their field should apply to the Jubilee and any influences it might have had on other cultures.


  1. Entertainment: The student will research the different types of entertainment that took place during the Middle Ages. Specific types included, but are not limited to: storytelling, singing, dancing, feats of skill, daring, fortune-telling, comedy, plays, music, and others. Group will be in charge of presenting chosen items during the Jubilee.
  2. Games and Contests: The student will research the different types of games and contests that took place in this era. They will also be in charge of re-creating these games to play.
  3. Food: The student will research the different types of food eaten and preparation of that food during the time period. The food group will create a menu and serve the lunch.
  4. Props and Decorations The student will reseach how homes/castles were decorated or were in common use during the Middle Ages. Group will be in charge of decorating the cafeteria.
  5. Costume: The student will research types of clothing that were common use for each social class. Group will inform all other groups about appropriate attire to be worn at Jubilee. Clothing consists of: hats, purses, jewelry, belts, decorations, hoods, shoes, armor, etc.
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    Entertainment and Games


    Props and Decorations


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