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Whether you are new to the K-12 Teaching & Learning Center or just taking a refresher course, you are only three steps away from being a K-12 TLC expert!


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Daily Almanac

- Daily Almanac -

A daily hypertext almanac of world holidays & celebrations, historic events, births & deaths of historic figures. A great tool for teaching the history of any subject in context.

On This Date in History
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Classroom Connections
- Classroom Connections -

A daily e-news service that you can customize to your specific personal and professional interests.

Teacher Times

- Teacher Times -

A free e-newsletter just for teachers delivered via e-mail each day of the school year. News items, historical information, thought-provoking quotations, teaching tips, tidbits and trivia, and answers to all of the student skill builders for the day.

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Research Resource Guides

- Research Resource Guides -

Free customized guides for your class research projects! E-mail us information about the research project, and we will put together a special guide customized for your class. The perfect tool for using the Internet to raise your favorite research projects to the next level!

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Teachable Moments

- Teachable Moments -

The perfect resource for new teachers, teachers with new assignments, or teachers looking for creative ideas and student-centered activities. Creative strategies, resources, activities and suggestions for every day of the school year.

Teachable Moment Archive
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- Growing Up -

A weekly guidance newsletter for families, teachers & students at all grade levels. A special resource to help parents understand how they can best support their children and their schools.

Growing Up
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World Calendar
An absolute must in today's multicultural world. The definitive resource for religious, social, national, international holidays & special events.
This month is...., This week is....., Today is.....

World Calendar
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- Today-in-History -

A center that includes an individual daily almanac for each of the 50 states and 10 different curricular topics. A great resource for teaching state and U.S. History, and a terrific tool for increasing student appreciation for the historical context and development of just about any subject area.

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Skill Builders
Gnus for Kidz

- Gnus for Kidz -

The ideal resource for teachers wanting to bring current events into the classroom.

Clickable headlines and current event articles for World News, Health & Science, Fine Arts & Literature, Space & Astronomy and Sports & Entertainment, along with a library of on-line news sources just for students.

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Who Am I?

- Who Am I? -

Over 350 quizzes on historic figures, indexed by names, states, professions and curriculum areas. Build student cultural literacy about famous people such as American presidents, Latin-Americans, women, scientists & mathematicians, inventors & inventions, artists, composers, children's authors, etc .

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5-Minute Quests

- 5-minute Quests -

Each Daily Almanac includes exercises at three levels [beginners (4-6), intermediate (6-8) and expert (9-12)] using each day's almanac to build student research skills using the Internet as a research tool.

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Standards Quests

- Standards Quests -

Standards Quests are under development as self-directed resources to help students learn and reinforce basic skills required to meet the basic standards in their state. Science Quests are currently being developed for grades 4-8

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Special Topics
Academic Competitions

- Academic Competitions -

The vast resources of the K-12 TLC cross-referenced to the current study guides for major national and state competitions.

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American Presidents

- Famous People -

Outstanding guides for in-depth research of all U.S. states, their histories, governments, symbols and famous people.

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World Countries

- Countries -

Outstanding guides for in-depth research of the world's 200+ countries, their histories, governments, symbols and famous people.

Black History Month

- Diversity Education -


What are your potential uses of the Teaching & Learning Center with students?

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